Mr. Shashwat Sharma has always loved challenges because he feels they teach a person that it is important to try things which might not work and improvise solutions along the way. Mr Sharma strongly believes that HONESTY & INTEGRITY are the 2 most important ingredients for any success of a business.


    Mr Bharat has worked in various roles spanning from Business development, Design, Project Management and site execution. Mr Bharat plays a main role in the execution of PPA plan for homeowners and corporate offices,He even maintain the relationship with the investors for our company.


    Devansh leads the Strategy and Brand Management function at Lumen City. With his ambition, knowledge and a youthful approach he adds a new vibe to brand Lumen City. He is a renewable enthusiast and is continuously working on promoting green and sustainable forms of Energy. He is working continuously to promote green energy in various institutions.


    Mrs. Suniti Sharma  has more than 30 years of experience in the field of finance and accounts.

    Mrs Sharma currently heads the group finance and accounts and developing strategies for future growth..


    Mr. Gaurav is an awesome personality, He is really passionate about the generation of clean energy.

    He invest in our company on regular basis related to PPA plan and even donate money to distribute solar lanterns to the people living in dark.


    Mr. Mohit with over 25 years rich experience in techno-commercial roles in diversified industries for corporate of national & international repute  companies takes care of the business development and guide our team to always be on the correct path. 

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